Question 1:

IF ELECTED, what would your top 3 priorities or areas of focus be?  

   Mercedes Brian


Environmental sustainability, accessibility, and affordability are my top three priorities if re-elected.

Wendy Elliott


Working in concert with fellow councillors and staff, I would like to help the community emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic in an even more resilient way. I believe we have to do a deep dive on climate change issues and I would like to see Wolfville and area rally around an addition to the Wolfville Memorial Library.

Jennifer Ingham


 If I were elected, my priorities would focus on the needs of the community. I would like to build on the relationship with Acadia and the town, combine our resources and continue to grow. Secondly, it's important with our changing times to focus on mental and physical health, so making sure Wolfville is safe for our citizens, through maintaining roads, sidewalks, and trails. Thirdly, climate change is a global issue, but each community can do their part. Wolfville is in a unique area, surrounded by the Bay of Fundy and a climate that has soil that is rich for agriculture. We are going to need to protect our dykelands for agriculture and low lying residential and business development from rising sea levels due to climate change.

Isabel Madeira-Voss


Support to local businesses:   As a long-standing core resident, I have witnessed how our business area has evolved. The variety of retail shops, arts and culture establishments, professional and health services, and food/beverage venues is remarkable. However, the long-term viability of our core business area and small, independent local businesses, depends on in-person customers from near and far. The Town can play a significant role in promotion and establishment of more retail, especially in the newly expanded C2 zone, which is also ideal for professional services.


Town/Acadia Relationship: I appreciate the energy Acadia generates and the related benefits our community enjoys. This relationship must remain strong and open, so we can jointly explore new opportunities, as well as effective solutions to complex issues. One of my priorities will be to use existing mechanisms, such as the Town and Gown Committee to articulate areas of promise or concern, and to engage all stakeholders in constructive dialogue.


Transportation: Transportation will be an important area of focus, with a view to increase the type and number of options available, (including active transportation and transportation services), and to reduce our increasing dependence on cars. In addition, I would engage our citizens, including Acadia students, in a campaign to address our carbon footprint by reducing the number of vehicles brought into town.

Mike Butler


There's so many areas to choose from and I know that my focus will change if elected as we decide what needs addressing. But for now, I have always been passionate about the arts community (funding, programs, youth work) , the environment (waste management and energy efficiency), and lastly, but certainly not least; human rights (visibility, equality, gender issues, opportunities, celebrations etc.) Working in all three of these areas in conjunction with the university would be a fun, exciting adventure.

My top priorities would be to strengthen the relationship between the students of Acadia and the permanent residents of Wolfville, support the development and recovery of the small business community here in Wolfville, and most crucially, focusing on climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives.​

Simon Greenough


1. Active Transportation – this includes the betterment of our sidewalks and the improved safety of our crosswalks.

2. Accessibility – ensuring we continue to implement our Accessibility Plan to ensure our space is more liveable for all residents

3. Taxes – balancing the rate with the improvements required - thereby keeping housing affordable.

Oonagh Proudfoot


a. The first priority, as it should be with each new council, will be to develop a good working relationship. One where council can have open, honest, thoughtful, respectful discussions amongst themselves and with the Town staff.

b. Priority number two, as I see it, will be to inform and educate the new council of the recently approved and adopted MPS (Municipal Planning Strategy) and LUB (Land Use By-law). These documents serve as a guide for decisions on land use, development and managed growth moving forward.

c. The third priority will be for the new council to set priorities. There is so much going on in our town and it is an important part of governance to determine what initiatives, issues, projects, etc. will be the priority of the new council as a whole.

Nicholas Ken Jin Tan

If elected, my three areas of focus will be public consultation, environmental sustainability, and maintaining Wolfville as a fun and safe place to live.

Women, Youth + Children

● Advocate for National Child Care program

● Create older adult + youth engagement initiatives

● Raise awareness of domestic violence at home + work


Safety + Infrastructure

● Remedy Main Street congestion + one-way traffic

● Allocate designated retail + increase accessible parking in Town Centre

● Improve LED pedestrian lighting, sidewalks + roadways


Economic Recovery + Budget

● Collaborate to reinforce businesses, residents + cultural arts community

● Strengthen sustainable, self-sufficient safety net

● Invest resources in affordable housing, food security, older adult + newcomer supports